About Us

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Our Approach

We love what we do and put our full personality and enthusasum  into any event.
Anything is possible and we work to turn an event concept into an engaging experience.   Building strong relationships with our clients across the diffrent aspects of our business is vital to the success of any event.

Our Story

Starting why back in 1986 the business has evolved, starting as  Professional Photographers, the business expanded its capbalitys and add new and exciting directions as clients needs and wants changed.

Now an events based business but with photograpy at its heart

Meet the Team

And what a team, each with there unquire approach to what we do. Each with talents both obvious and hidden !.
We have the passion and the madness to do someting we love



The Boss

Mad, Mad and Dedicated.  Tell him your ideas and let him go



Boss Two

Fast, Fiesty and intelligent.... Watch out



Boss 3 and Tech

Nothing beats him, If he cant make it work, it wont work... Period


Next Steps...

Where here to help  so call, text, shout